Turn your Employees into


Accelerate your growth by boosting your employee commitment

Manage your Challenges differently

We help companies to boost their competitive edge by motivating their employees and their partners

how to increase employee motivation

Employee Motivation

Accelerate your growth by boosting your employee commitment

Network management

Instil a Team Spirit into your Sales Network and create youe own Competitive Edge!

Assessing incentive’s ROI

Involve your Managers in your Challenges Steer your Teams’ Performances

Why choose Reward Process ?

Reward Process is a SaaS solution accessible from anywhere, to manage all types of challenge easily and be able to monitor them on a daily basis. The application can be embedded effortlessly into the client’s information system.

Digital solution manage challenges and incentives

Participants access the platform, see their scores and their ranking, interact, see their gain and exchange best practices

Cloud Application

Cloud application, no installation and easily integrated into your CRM or Information System

No learning

Verry simple setup process. Easy to use and manage your incentive operations

Mobile, 24/7

Full responsive and mobile friendly ! Accessible from anywhere, any time.

Benefits of Our Solution

A simple way to design and manage your Incentives Activities

Increase tour Employees Commitment
By providing a very intuitive playful and collaborative tool to your internal and external sales teams.
Increase the profitability of your incentives
Easily manage your incentive programs and increase productivity of your sales force
Track your ROI in real time
With a simple and efficient management of your stimulation activites, with a comprehensive reporting
Design adn manage your incentive workflow

Application Features

SaaS solution without installation

Turnkey solution without installation and integrated with your CRM tools, or your information system


Secure Access

The application is accessible 24/7 hosted on our secure servers. All information transmitted is encrypted.

Nomadic Application

In the office or on the go, at any time of the day, your employees always have the application in their pocket!

Rewards System

Value the work and the efforts of your employees by offering them rewards or badges.



A social and intuitive communication tool. Give your participants a fun experience with gamification.


Your teams are international? Reward Process is available in several languages.

Full reporting

Each participant can monitor key performance indicators. Simply and efficiently control individual results.

Mastery of ROI

Define and follow the targets. Control your budget and calculate your return on investment.


We support you in setting up your incentives.

Livre blanc à télécharger et si vous gériez vos challenges autrement

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And if there were a different way of managing your business challenges?

5 reasons for automating challenge-management

Our values

Give new meaning to challenges/incentives and imagine new performance indicators
Set up digital stimulation solutions to encourage efforts
Enable colleagues to comment and congratulate each other via a collaborative system
  • Gamification
  • Adherence
  • Agility
  • Collaborative

They trust us

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